Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Running away

Life I am trying to run away
This is my life, a life and life
I do no what is now,
And it looks alike
Life defines only

My life
I single
Want to
My love, my thought
But not taking in my own hands
I sacrifice everything for loved one
I shed only
Like elasticity I can't expand
More and more.
My life as large and too small
Is discovery off my life?
Life like cartoon,
And I am dream
Just as animation
The sparkle
The essence,
Force me to function
Dream of life and life to dream
And I wave and I wave
Running away
Running away…………..


Fear of love is making me blind
Fear of pain is making me think
Fear of known and unknown
Is fear a fear?

Everything will be fine

Everything will be okay for the women
They don't let the sadness to come out
She comforts others and says
"Everything will be fine".

They are faithful to their promises
Makes call to hear special one voice
They are with energy, every time
To make up other necessity.

They are filled with magic love
Carrying lighted candle with their might
The fear of love makes them unknown
And walks alone on the track of life.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Oraganizing life

"Is everything good in life?”  “How to stop worrying and start leaving?” “When you’re wrong and when your right?” like this lots of question emerge when you start thinking about life.  Yes according to Charles Darwin  a man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”

This statement advises us how to organize life. One who discovers the principles of life I tell they leave in right path. Many of our famous writers tell us different definition about life. You can follow their principles to organize life. Do you know how you override your life? The dawn breaks up and you start to perform the certain work given to you and sleep. So do you think you are following the principles of life? Eighty percent of us apply success as money, real estate, business and professional as achievement. Less than twenty percent apply success as knowledge, meditation and maintain gravity of life as achievement. Yes I say you have to acknowledge with me about success.
To discharge success there is only two ways. When you follow this two paths success will abaft you. The fist way, is to plan the scenario and second is to organize. But this should not be in the mediocre form. Mediocre defines you of only average. So if your success is in mediocre do you know the result will be average. Let’s follow this Charlie Chaplin the English comic actor, film director and composer best known for his work during the silent film era. First of all Charlie says life is too short to be little. He does not go his way to horrify is neighbors and at the same time he doesn’t care what they think. Charlie drives the kind of car he wants to drive, goes when he wants to go, enjoy his family and lives to get the kicks out of life. He learned the wisdom of the great philosopher, Disreali-“Life is too short to be little.” Charlie is not worried about “security, the future and tomorrow” he is confident of handling the situation that comes. 

Hundreds of people explain the philosophy of life in mediocre way and eighty percent of people think mediocre. Respecting the path of success is very few and to exhibit the path of success should follow the two above ways. I hope you will be ready to say “I want to move up”. I want to find more happiness. I want to enjoy the good life. I want to succeed.
Then the principles to organize life are:
1.      The first thing to sink deep in your heart is you’re asleep, utterly asleep.
2.      The more watchful you become the more all your hastiness slows down.
3.      Action goes in one direction, thinking goes in another and felling goes somewhere else. Put action, thinking and feeling together.
4.      Equate yourself with people at their level and keep secrets secret.
5.      Falling in love is a sin but you can love, it will be like a rise.
6.      Do not live to be happy, live to serve the divine and the joy you experience will be beyond the expectations.
7.      There is no greater courage than to be always truthful. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Roaring higher

My fire in heart is aggressive
Keeps burring all time                                        
Roaring higher! Roaring higher!

My fire can destruct the jealous world
Till it end fortunate and convenient
Roaring higher! Roaring higher!

My fire can create the ability
To create the gentle heart with success
Roaring higher! Roaring higher!

My fire can be the spirit
To light up the heart in the darkness
Roaring higher! Roaring higher!


 My mother whose eyes were strained
by the happiness that filled her eyes
whose lips tasted with bitter tears
waited impatiently to hold me in her hands

My mother is the biggest gift of all gods
by the candle burn herself to light my life
whose love start and never end
who is the other name of kindness                            

My mother guided me and secured my life
by the stay of sleepless nights holding me
whose love that is worthless with her blessing
no one can take a place of mother.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My Childhood Memory

My childhood is a beautiful memory
filled with all love and happy
love and happy was all around me
around me my dad was my favorite

My childhood was so innocent
this seems everything so funny
and sorrows never knocked my door
the garden was filled with roses

My childhood was around my dolls
the dolls love was pure like diamond
i would wish  to go back to my childhood
that will never come back again.